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About Catherine "Deane" Deane

Catherine Deane is the full-time Reference Librarian at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Library. She performs in depth research for the faculty in support of their scholarship, and assists students with their legal research. She will be teaching the Advanced Legal Research course beginning in Fall 2011. She is also responsible for developing topical legal research guides for the TJSL community. She has created eight research guides since arriving at TJSL in November 2010, and has updated several more. She is also a regular contributor to ThomChat, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Library Blog. Catherine Deane spent two years working closely with Vincent Moyer, Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian at the University of California, Hastings School of Law, where she created and curated ten research guides on varying topics in U.S., foreign, and international law. With Mr. Moyer, she published two book reviews and a foreign law research guide on the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (her home country). Prior to working at UC Hastings, she spent a year and a half doing contract work at an international law firm in downtown Los Angeles and she spent a year teaching academic writing at the University of California, San Diego. She has a J.D. with a Certificate in comparative and international law, which she acquired while studying abroad in Ireland, England and Belgium. She also has an M.L.I.S., an M.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology, and a B.A. from Princeton University in Cultural Anthropology with a Certificate in Latin American Studies. Her research interests include Native American Legal Issues, Domestic Violence, and Legal Information Literacy.

Supporting Diversity in Law Librarianship

Let’s begin by recognizing that the profession is already diverse, but there just are not that many law librarians of color compared to the number of people of color in the general U.S. population. I believe this difference will continue … Continue reading

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How do I Teach a 1-credit pass/fail Transnational Legal Research Class in 7 Weeks?

Initial Questions To which students should I market the course? How do I maintain positive morale in the classroom while affording them the opportunity to learn as much as possible? What and how much should I cover? How should I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on FCIL Collection Development

Introduction My first major project as the Foreign & International Law Librarian here at Vanderbilt has been to evaluate the current collection and make suggestions for additions that would support the research and instructional needs of our faculty and the … Continue reading

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Tips for non-FCIL Law Librarians Who Sometimes Have to do U.S. Treaty Research

Hypothetical Your client is a black market firearms dealer. The U.S. government is hot on her trail and is about to catch her. To avoid extradition, she is looking for a country to escape to with her millions of illegally … Continue reading

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Tips for Law Librarians who Sometimes have to do Foreign Law Research

January 31st marks the end of my first month as a Foreign & International Law Librarian and as a reference librarian at a university rather than a stand-alone law school. I have already met the Foreign & International Law faculty … Continue reading

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