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Lexis Advance v. Westlaw Colorfully Highlighted Search Terms Showdown

Recently, I realized that I haven’t used Westlaw’s feature to highlight my search terms in different colors in recent times! I love differently colored highlighted search terms on both Lexis Advance and Westlaw. Our brains can quickly tire of looking … Continue reading

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Red v. Blue: The Single Provider Dilemma

by Erik Adams Recently, in the never ending quest to cut costs, many law firms have gone “single provider”: ending a subscription to Lexis while keeping Westlaw, or the other way around. The pitch made by the vendors is that … Continue reading

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What is this thing called “Public”?

by Erik Y. Adams Recently at my library, we were asked to provide case citation hyperlinks to a “public” web site. The citations were in a brief being filed for an arbitration, in Microsoft Word, and we were told that the … Continue reading

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Westlaw Classic Post Mortem

by Erik Y. Adams Requiescat in pace, Westlaw Classic. As of August 10, 2015, Westlaw Classic is “mostly dead,” and no chocolate covered miracle is going to bring it back. I thought it would be instructive to provide a perspective from the … Continue reading

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T-4 weeks. And counting.

The librarian in me was fascinated to note that there does not seem to be consensus on what the T stands for in T-(whatever). Might be time, might be test, or might be takeoff. There is an X- as well, … Continue reading

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