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Charting a New Course: A Foray into Instructional Design

by Ashley Ahlbrand In my last post, I mentioned that I have started taking courses to earn my certificate in instructional design. I received a lot of feedback on this and thought I would post periodically on the topic. I … Continue reading

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Designing a Legal Research Course: Phase 2-?

by Tig Wartluft In a previous post, I discussed three phases of designing a legal research course. During Phase 2, the question became: how do we organize the obvious content that we must include without allowing that content to override and … Continue reading

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The Power of Student Presentations

by Christina Glon I always reserve the last class of the semester for student presentations. Both of my courses are broad, survey-type courses (Health Law Research and Technology in Legal Practice). While I teach the fundamentals, I assign a final short paper … Continue reading

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Striking a Balance: Formative and Summative Assessments

Yesterday, I got my teaching evaluations from last semester.  This post is not about how to better evaluate teaching or about learning to love the evaluation process despite its shortcomings.  My evaluations made me think about redesigning my assessments. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Flipping the Classroom for 1L Legal Research Instruction

In an ideal world, the beginning of fall semester would go off without a hitch. All the books would be available in the bookstore, all the database links would be working, all the email accounts would be accurate, and all … Continue reading

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