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The S in RIPS and the Value of Libraries

by Paul Gatz In 1976, a Québécois librarian named André Cossette published a thin volume on the philosophy of librarianship, which, many years later, was translated to English by Rory Litwin and published under the title of Humanism and Libraries: An … Continue reading

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Legal Information, Legal Advice, and Access to Justice

by Shawn Friend Dear Readers: This is the final regular post from Shawn Friend. Shawn has a been a dedicated regular contributor to the RIPS Law Librarian Blog for three years (the maximum allowed under the blog guidelines), and it is with a damp … Continue reading

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Service with a Smile, or Why Librarianship is Not Dying

In the chaos that always comes with the beginning of another school year, I, like so many colleagues across the country, find myself drowning in work. To-do lists only seem to get longer, never shorter, and much of the work … Continue reading

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Flying for Peanuts

I did a lot of holiday flying. Let me tell you a brief story on flying and expectations. On one flight, there were no free peanuts. (For this post, I’ll use “peanuts” as representative of any small package of snack … Continue reading

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