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Legal Information, Legal Advice, and Access to Justice

by Shawn Friend Dear Readers: This is the final regular post from Shawn Friend. Shawn has a been a dedicated regular contributor to the RIPS Law Librarian Blog for three years (the maximum allowed under the blog guidelines), and it is with a damp … Continue reading

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A Basic Primer on Value Engineering

In my library school program, we were required to take two ‘out of discipline’ graduate classes that were not in the library program. I wanted to take grant writing, but I waited too long to sign up. So I ended … Continue reading

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Moving across the country, or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the chaos

I just moved across the country, over 2000 miles, with some cats and all our household belongings. Actually, I came with the cats while my husband finished packing and came later with all of our things, which is the point of … Continue reading

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Striking a Balance: Formative and Summative Assessments

Yesterday, I got my teaching evaluations from last semester.  This post is not about how to better evaluate teaching or about learning to love the evaluation process despite its shortcomings.  My evaluations made me think about redesigning my assessments. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Dual (but not Dueling) Roles

This week has prompted me to consider my role in the law school. Librarians occupy different roles in different schools: faculty in some, faculty of the attached university in some, staff in others. Why was I thinking about this? Because … Continue reading

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