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Paul Gatz is a reference librarian and adjunct professor at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Can Legal Research Be Taught? Part 1: The Relevance Paradox

by Paul Gatz Plato’s Meno begins with a question posed to Socrates by his eponymous interlocutor, asking whether virtue can be taught. Preparing for the last day of my advanced legal research course, I could not help but wonder the … Continue reading

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Free for All, But Never All for Free

by Paul Gatz & Susan Azyndar The original idea for this post came from its co-author, Susan Azyndar. Susan is a reference librarian and adjunct professor at the Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law. Legislative histories are notoriously complex. … Continue reading

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Off the Library Map

by Paul Gatz Every library should have a good map. A map offers a perspective that you cannot otherwise gain. From above, you can see the whole library spread out before you, enabling you to take it all in with … Continue reading

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On the Value of Teaching the Chemical Structure of Water

by Paul Gatz The American writer David Foster Wallace began his 2005 commencement address to the students of Kenyon College (published in 2009 as This Is Water) with a parable: There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to … Continue reading

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Information Literacy Outside the Walls of the Library

by Paul Gatz The news is fake, truth is dead, and facts aren’t even a “thing” anymore. A blunt initial assessment, but perhaps it can be fine-tuned. Yes, it can be difficult to distinguish between news items from reputable sources … Continue reading

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The S in RIPS and the Value of Libraries

by Paul Gatz In 1976, a Québécois librarian named André Cossette published a thin volume on the philosophy of librarianship, which, many years later, was translated to English by Rory Litwin and published under the title of Humanism and Libraries: An … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Legal Research

by Paul Gatz Whenever I prepare to teach legal research to law students, I try my best to imagine what learning legal research is like from their perspective. Admittedly, this was much easier to do when I first got the … Continue reading

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