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In the Long Run We Will Still Be Dead, But Presidential End of Term Web Archive Will Go On

by Sarah Gotschall In 2008, the International Internet Preservation Consortium and National Digital Infrastructure and Preservation Program joined together to archive the web at the end of presidential administrations, starting with George W. Bush. The purpose of the End of Term Web … Continue reading

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Patron Services Committee Webinar on 2/22

RIPS-SIS’s Patron Services Committee is hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 11:00am-12:00pm CST on “Managing Student and Volunteer Workers.”  It is free to AALL members.  Register by February 19th here. Description: Student and volunteer workers are often … Continue reading

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Gratitude Check

by Christine Anne George When the Time’s Up movement began last month, I wondered how long it would take to reach library-land. I tracked the growing number of individuals and professions that were called out, growing more fatigued with each … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality: What Law Librarians Need to Know

by Lora Johns Net neutrality. It’s one of those terms that’s been slung around so often lately that it’s reached semantic saturation. Like fake news, or covfefe. But you can’t be a law librarian and not care about net neutrality. … Continue reading

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Missed Connections: Scholarship

by Brandon Wright Adler I know the RIPS Blog has discussed, once or twice, the many hats that law librarians must wear. I would like to discuss a casualty to all of that hat-wearing (other than baldness) – the casualty … Continue reading

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A Law Librarian Bitcoin/Blockchain Primer

by Erik Adams As I start to write this column, Google informs me that it takes $13,577.90 to purchase a single Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s astonishing rise in value last year (and significant fall this year) has been in the news a … Continue reading

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The Year 2027: The Future of Academic Law Libraries/Librarians

by Sarah Gotschall I recently watched a June 2017 conference presentation by Tony Seba, a Stanford professor who studies technological disruption. To illustrate the shockingly quick disruption of horses, he compared a photo of 5th Avenue from 1900 with one from … Continue reading

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