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Law Library Administered Legal Research Programs

by Jamie Baker In the typical legal research & writing curriculum, it can be very difficult to delve further into research topics because of time constraints, and the students generally leave their legal research & writing programs with only surface-level legal research … Continue reading

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Introducing New Legal Research Classes into the Curriculum

By Guest Blogger Thomas Sneed As a bit of background, my name is Thomas Sneed and I am the Associate Law Librarian for Research and Electronic Services at the MacMillan Law Library at the Emory University School of Law.  I … Continue reading

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Powerpoints, Screenshots and Legal Research Training as a Team

This has been a really busy semester already and we are only four weeks in. I have been in charge of contacting the faculty, offering research training in the Legal Writing and Upper Level Writing Requirement Courses and then scheduling … Continue reading

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Tomay-toh, Tomah-to

What shall we call it? I noticed in the comments of the blog on law student legal research competency standards, that people were discussing the possibility of calling the standards legal information literacy standards. I am not sure where this … Continue reading

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Online Class and Training Software

Grades for my Spring class are done, and now I get to focus on my online Summer class, which started this week.  All of last week, I was madly recording lectures (because I am behind, as usual).  One question that … Continue reading

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When You Run Out of Explanations for Your Students…

As you probably know by now, I am teaching a section of Advanced Legal Research this semester.  We recently covered case law and digests, which is when I noticed two problems that my students seemed to be experiencing without being … Continue reading

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A Test on the First Day of Class

This semester, I am teaching Advanced Legal Research.  As I was thinking about what to go over on my first day of class, I remembered one class in the past where the instructor gave a “pre-test”.  While I would not … Continue reading

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