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Summer Associate Season

by Caren Luckie This post is somewhat of a reprise of my fall associate post, regarding new fall associates.  Many of the same things hold true, but there are differences between summer associates and new fall associates.  And not just … Continue reading

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“Other Duties as Assigned”

Just because students and attorneys can conduct all of their legal research online, it does not mean that they have to. There is other stuff out there that is actually helpful (and can help them make money in the practice of law). Continue reading

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Resource Spotlight: HeinOnline’s Gun Regulation and Legislation in America Database

by Tarica LaBossiere  After a racially charged mass shooting in New Zealand made headlines last week, the debate surrounding gun control legislation and reform has once again risen to the forefront of the U.S. agenda. The U.S. is a known … Continue reading

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Red Means Go

There’s a whole lot of problems that people have to deal with these days.  Hopefully people realize that red means stop and that if you have to bend a law to win, maybe you need to rethink your logic. Continue reading

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Westlaw Edge’s New Compare Versions Feature

Back in the olden days, this fall, before the advent of Westlaw Edge, I showed my research class some recently amended Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) sections. Using old Westlaw, we looked at the current versions of A.R.S. sections and then, … Continue reading

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Tracking Class Action Settlements

I recently got a check in the mail for the grand total of $2.65. I was, unbeknownst to me, part of a class action settlement. Apparently, I had purchased Aveeno lotion that had been mis-branded as “natural” when it had … Continue reading

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Every Teacher, A Student

As part of the University of Richmond Law School’s commitment to excellent teaching, the school recently brought in two expert teaching consultants, Sophie Sparrow and Gerry Hess. The research instruction team had the opportunity to spend nearly an entire day … Continue reading

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