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Bad Research or Competing Philosophies of Statutory Interpretation: Sally Yates vs. Ted Cruz

by Margaret Ambrose Last Monday, on May 8th, 2017, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates squared off with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about her decision not to enforce President Trump’s initial attempt at a travel ban. This tense exchange was … Continue reading

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Ready, set, go! Summer Preparedness for Law Students

by Ashley Ahlbrand As the spring semester draws to a close, and law students prepare to embark on their summer jobs, law schools often offer “prepare to practice” programming, whether in the form of Lexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg reps offering trainings on practitioner-focused … Continue reading

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CARA: The First Year Associate’s Pocket Calculator

by Erik Adams Anyone who has watched a child learning to do math will have heard the complaint that doing it by hand shouldn’t be necessary in the age of calculators. Or, I suppose, in the age of the Calculator app, … Continue reading

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Is Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and BloombergLaw Feasible?

by Dean Duane Strojny Let’s face it. The cost of the current big three legal research databases is staggering. Over the years, both Lexis and Westlaw tend to have multi-year price increases followed by multi-year price holds. This lulls directors … Continue reading

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“Google Think” and the New Associate

by Erik Adams In the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” Tom Cruise’s character is forced to re-live a horrible battle against space aliens over and over until he can master the timing and moves necessary to survive and win the day. … Continue reading

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The Skills Needed for Summer Associate Research

by Jamie Baker As you may know, Lexis recently finished a report called, Summer Associates Identify Writing and Legal Research Skills Required on the Job, reporting on the responses of 330 summer associates working in large U.S. law firms (with over … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Legal Research

by Paul Gatz Whenever I prepare to teach legal research to law students, I try my best to imagine what learning legal research is like from their perspective. Admittedly, this was much easier to do when I first got the … Continue reading

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