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The Fight to Bring Legal Research to the Front

by Brandon Wright Adler Last week I gave a lecture to the Advanced Legal Research course about the economics of legal research. Most of the students in this class are 3L’s and nearly ready to take on the legal world. … Continue reading

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CARA: The First Year Associate’s Pocket Calculator

by Erik Adams Anyone who has watched a child learning to do math will have heard the complaint that doing it by hand shouldn’t be necessary in the age of calculators. Or, I suppose, in the age of the Calculator app, … Continue reading

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Is Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and BloombergLaw Feasible?

by Dean Duane Strojny Let’s face it. The cost of the current big three legal research databases is staggering. Over the years, both Lexis and Westlaw tend to have multi-year price increases followed by multi-year price holds. This lulls directors … Continue reading

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Using Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software in the Classroom

by Maggie Ambrose Usually, I try to stay away from plugging a particular product, but I have to mention that incorporating Clio, a cloud-based law practice management software tool, into the classroom has been well worth the effort. This is … Continue reading

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Teaching, Technology, and Tools: A Look at the RIPS Teach-In Kit Multiverse

by Ashley Ahlbrand By now, you’ve likely seen several messages calling for contributions to the 2016 Teach-In Kit. We (the Teach-In Kit Committee) hope you’ll consider submitting materials of your own, but maybe you’re not sure what types of resources are … Continue reading

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Millennials in the Workplace…And the Classroom?

by Christina Glon “They are entitled.” “They are coddled by overbearing parents.” “They do not want to work hard.” “They are not loyal to their employers.” So starts the book You Raised Us – Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success, … Continue reading

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The Dead Tree Status Symbol

by Erik Y. Adams In 1989, my law firm made a change regarding desk copies. Up until then, all litigators were issued a six volume, loose-leaf set of local court rules. Starting that year, this set of books was no … Continue reading

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