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The Endless Possibilities in “No”

You can’t pour from an empty pitcher.  Of all the advice my mother gave me growing up, this is the phrase she repeated most frequently.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a part of everything, … Continue reading

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Who Teaches Tech? (Spoiler: Librarians!)

We’re six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and I think it’s clear by now that the way we learn, teach, and engage with each other may forever be changed. For better or worse, technology is an even bigger part of … Continue reading

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We Can’t Always Get What We Want, but…

Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life. Sometimes circumstances cause us to zag when we thought we would be zigging. The past few weeks, nay months, have included many disappointments for all of us.  Cancelled plans, frayed relationships, … Continue reading

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Let’s Hang

I’m new to managing people.  For the majority of my career, I’ve been either the intern or more of an independent contractor.  It wasn’t until I became a librarian that I began to manage student workers. Managing student workers is … Continue reading

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Telecommuting 101

Today is my first day as a telecommuter. I am an extrovert and have habitually chosen jobs that require me to interact not only with coworkers, but also the public, on a consistent basis. I say require, but these interactions … Continue reading

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