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Presenting….five alternatives to PowerPoint

by Kris Turner Ah, PowerPoint. The old standby, always there when you are in dire need of a professional and (relatively) simple-to-create presentation. Everyone knows it, everyone feel comfortable with it. Well, almost everyone. If you’re like me, you may … Continue reading

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Powerpoints, Screenshots and Legal Research Training as a Team

This has been a really busy semester already and we are only four weeks in. I have been in charge of contacting the faculty, offering research training in the Legal Writing and Upper Level Writing Requirement Courses and then scheduling … Continue reading

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Group projects in law school???? A case study in teaching secondary legal resources via group presentations.

The course evaluations from my first year of teaching legal research suggested that I was guilty of “Death by PowerPoint.”  Coming upon my second year of teaching legal research this past summer, I vowed to change that.  I decided I … Continue reading

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Better PowerPoint Presentations

Hat Tip to Legal Skills Prof Blog for this presentation on giving better PowerPoint presentations (i.e., avoiding Death by PowerPoint).  No matter how well you think you use PowerPoint, there is always room for improvement.  More tips about some of … Continue reading

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Learning to Teach…One Good Habit at a Time

If you walked into the middle of a University lecture in a subject area you knew nothing about, would you be able to tell if the instructor was “good” or “bad”? You betcha. But, can you break down what makes … Continue reading

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