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Increasing Empathy in Lawyers through Reading

by Emily Siess Donnellan The idea that reading makes people more empathetic is not new. A 2006 study from University of Toronto found a connection between reading fiction and increased sensitivity to others. A 2013 study confirmed that reading fiction … Continue reading

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Academic Law Librarians Share Unique Student Services

by Nicole Downing The ALL-SIS Student Services Committee hosted a series of online discussions on topics related to student services throughout the month of April 2018. We received a lot of excellent responses filled with a wide variety of activities … Continue reading

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Reflecting on My Second Year as a Law Librarian

by Emily Siess Donnellan Saturday was Concordia Law’s graduation ceremony. This time of year makes me reflective. Graduation is both a beginning and an ending. It is the beginning of our grads new path and it is the ending of … Continue reading

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How Does Online Access to Court Records in Your State Compare?

by Nicole Downing One of the most common reasons public patrons call our reference desk is to ask about online access to North Carolina state court records. When we explain access in North Carolina, we receive one of two reactions: … Continue reading

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Reference as Strategy Game: We’re Here to Help

Regardless of where you are on life’s ladder, all you have to know is that there are lots of county law librarians all around the country that are waiting to help those in need find the solace they seek. Continue reading

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The Library and Food: Finding a Healthy Balance

by Emily Siess Donnellan I’ve never shared this before, but during law school I gained 40 pounds. I was already overweight having gained the freshman 15 (and then some) in undergrad. But law school took me in to a different … Continue reading

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How Do You Prepare For This?

by Christine Anne George The first time it happened, I was a 1L. The University had just instituted an emergency alert system, but our classroom was in the basement and I didn’t have cell service. My friend, who suspected he … Continue reading

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