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Here’s What’s Going on in My Neck of the Woods

Things have been unusual lately at Emory Law Library since the hit of the coronavirus to say the least, but we have been stepping up to the plate.  Everyone in the Law Library is now working remotely and we’ve been … Continue reading

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Telecommuting 101

Today is my first day as a telecommuter. I am an extrovert and have habitually chosen jobs that require me to interact not only with coworkers, but also the public, on a consistent basis. I say require, but these interactions … Continue reading

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Navigating COVID-19 and a Possible Campus Closure as a Reference Librarian

New COVID-19 cases are popping up across the U.S. bringing inevitable changes to the usual work environment. In particular, several school campuses have already cancelled in-person classes or at least instituted international travel restriction. In the face of potential disruption … Continue reading

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Juliet’s School of Possibilities or is there a Better Life Trajectory for You?

Juliet’s School of Possibilities is a short, quick, cute parable of a book that teaches some important lessons on making the most of your time.  It’s written by the time management expert Laura Vanderkam as a fun way to realize … Continue reading

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If Busy, Then Try This

The culture of productivity is deeply embedded in American society.  From its inception, with the habits of Benjamin Franklin, to the modern-day obsession with improving productivity at all costs, we’ve been taught for generations that we should be constantly improving … Continue reading

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