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The Year 2027: The Future of Academic Law Libraries/Librarians

by Sarah Gotschall I recently watched a June 2017 conference presentation by Tony Seba, a Stanford professor who studies technological disruption. To illustrate the shockingly quick disruption of horses, he compared a photo of 5th Avenue from 1900 with one from … Continue reading

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Will Robots Take Over the Law Library?

by Lora Johns In recent years, websites have sprung up that allow the anxious professional to input her job title and find out when she will be replaced by automation. Based on the calculations of an Oxford University report, Will … Continue reading

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CARA: The First Year Associate’s Pocket Calculator

by Erik Adams Anyone who has watched a child learning to do math will have heard the complaint that doing it by hand shouldn’t be necessary in the age of calculators. Or, I suppose, in the age of the Calculator app, … Continue reading

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ROSS: An Inside Look

by Margaret Ambrose I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Andrew Arruda, one of the founders of ROSS. One of the more interesting tidbits from the presentation and the Q&A centered around access to justice. Access to justice, … Continue reading

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The Law Firm of ROSS, HAL, and GladOS

by Erik Adams In April several news sources reported that the law firm of Baker Hostetler had hired a legal robot called ROSS. This artificial intelligence system, built on IBM’s famous Watson system, automates legal tasks like research and the … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technologies & Library Automation

by Jamie Baker In 2013, McKinsey released a report on the 12 disruptive technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruption by 2025. Quite a few of the forecasted disruptive technologies will have a large impact on … Continue reading

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