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CARA: The First Year Associate’s Pocket Calculator

by Erik Adams Anyone who has watched a child learning to do math will have heard the complaint that doing it by hand shouldn’t be necessary in the age of calculators. Or, I suppose, in the age of the Calculator app, … Continue reading

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ROSS: An Inside Look

by Margaret Ambrose I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Andrew Arruda, one of the founders of ROSS. One of the more interesting tidbits from the presentation and the Q&A centered around access to justice. Access to justice, … Continue reading

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The Law Firm of ROSS, HAL, and GladOS

by Erik Adams In April several news sources reported that the law firm of Baker Hostetler had hired a legal robot called ROSS. This artificial intelligence system, built on IBM’s famous Watson system, automates legal tasks like research and the … Continue reading

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Disruptive Technologies & Library Automation

by Jamie Baker In 2013, McKinsey released a report on the 12 disruptive technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruption by 2025. Quite a few of the forecasted disruptive technologies will have a large impact on … Continue reading

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