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Multimedia Learning, Part II: I think I can, I think I can

by Amy Taylor I previously blogged about Richard Mayer’s Multimedia Learning, and I’m back in the new year to continue. Mayer continues his introductory materials in chapters 2 and 3, focusing on instruction and learning theories. What is instruction? What … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Lectures

by Margaret Jane Ambrose The New York Times has recently published two articles that offer two very different takes on the lecture and its future in the classroom. The first article, Are College Lectures Unfair? by Annie Murphy Paul, starts with the observation that … Continue reading

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Multimedia Learning, Part I

by Amy Taylor The limited amount of time I have with my students creates a constant tension with the voluminous amount of material I want to teach them. So much has been made lately of active learning and flipping the classroom … Continue reading

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Flipping the Classroom for 1L Legal Research Instruction

In an ideal world, the beginning of fall semester would go off without a hitch. All the books would be available in the bookstore, all the database links would be working, all the email accounts would be accurate, and all … Continue reading

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A flip . . . or will it be a flop?

I am thinking about doing a flip.  No, not a back-flip (I can’t do those anymore, and mostly I fell in a particularly ungraceful way when I attempted such flips even when young and spry).  What I am considering is … Continue reading

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