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Library Tours: Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

by Christine Anne George It’s that time of year. A fresh class of 1Ls enters the hallowed, paper-chased halls of law school. Perhaps it’s due to being hooked on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or maybe I listened to too many musicals during … Continue reading

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Teaching Legal Research in Times of Political Turbulence

by Beau Steenken Normally, I strive to steer clear of politics when I teach. I do so mostly because I teach at a flagship state school that attracts students from across the political spectrum, and I do not want to … Continue reading

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Evaluating This Year’s Crop

For those of us lucky enough to work in academia, the passage of time takes on a cyclical, almost agrarian, cadence. Many of us enjoy a festive week away from work to kick off the long dark of winter. During … Continue reading

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