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Assessing Management Skills: Am I a Good Manager? Or a Bad Boss?

by Dean Duane Strojny Within the course of three months I was told by different staff that I was both a micromanager and the best director to work for.  Now of course, the compliment was very well received. Not many … Continue reading

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Supporting Librarian Scholarship within Your Institution

by Ashley Ahlbrand Librarians are many things: caretakers, teachers, guides, support.  These roles reflect the work that we do and the relationships we have with our patrons. Yet there is another role many of us fill, whether as a requirement … Continue reading

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Overcoming Writer’s Inertia

I’ve had an idea percolating for a while about an article I would like to write. By “a while,” I mean over a year. Despite the desire to publish, I just haven’t gotten down to the actual (and very necessary) … Continue reading

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Why do I do this?

For the second year in a row, I have had the pleasure of writing one of the last posts before the New Year.  But instead of making resolutions, I wanted to answer a question and send out a call to … Continue reading

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Combating Link Rot for Legal Writers

Much of what we do as librarians revolves around preserving knowledge and making it accessible.  Thus, the growing issue of “link rot” and “reference rot” in legal information is a troublesome problem.  Link rot is the phenomenon of broken links … Continue reading

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Optimizing Research Guides for Usability

Online Research Guides are proliferating. With the widespread adoption of LibGuides, it is easier than ever to develop a research guide that incorporates video, images, hyperlinks, and RSS feeds. By using a little “Advanced Common Sense” of the Steve Krug … Continue reading

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AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Competition

The LexisNexis Call for papers has been announced.  This is a great opportunity for students, new members, and experienced librarians. THE AALL/LEXISNEXIS CALL FOR PAPERS COMPETITION The AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Committee promotes the scholarship of AALL members and of … Continue reading

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