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Library Tours: Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

by Christine Anne George It’s that time of year. A fresh class of 1Ls enters the hallowed, paper-chased halls of law school. Perhaps it’s due to being hooked on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or maybe I listened to too many musicals during … Continue reading

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Ode to the Plastic Sign Holder

by Beau Steenken Law libraries spend a lot of money. Beyond the six figures (or more) that a library spends on maintaining its print collection and electronic subscriptions, money must be spent on shelving (and, in some instances, compact-shelving service … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hashtag

by Christine Anne George Once upon a time, I was anti-Twitter and no fan of hashtags. My reasons were long, varied, and, in my eyes, entirely legitimate. My personal biases bled into the professional. I was quick to embrace the … Continue reading

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Puzzles, Games, and Destressing the Law Students

At Nova, there is a tradition that goes back long before I started working here of providing jigsaw puzzles to the law students. There’s always one at the circulation desk and one at the reference desk and often a third … Continue reading

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Minor Debacles and Free Pizza

Mistakes are hard to write about.  But, I learned something the hard way this week, so I thought I’d share. Remember that undergrad seminar I’m teaching on ‘Social Networking and the Law’?  Up until this Wednesday, everything had been running … Continue reading

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RIPS-Hop Hurray

Hi fellow RIPSters. I was all ready to write a post on something serious and mildly discouraging, when my mood was brightened by a creative student here at the Faulkner University Jones School of Law. With it being Friday afternoon … Continue reading

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Political Commentary

Editor’s Note: Due to a technological glitch, authorship of this post is attributed to Jason Sowards.  Meg Martin is the author of this post.   Even when my middle child was fairly young, she was interested in politics. She liked … Continue reading

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