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Could No News Be Good News?

By Christine Anne George Once upon a  time, back in library school, I decided that I needed to stay better informed so I started using Google Reader, a blog aggregator. I used it to follow a handful of law librarian … Continue reading

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Bridging the Political Gap (or yawning chasm) in the Classroom

by Beau Steenken At the beginning of the semester last fall, I wrote about the increased difficulty of teaching in politically turbulent times. This may be somewhat of an understatement, but the level of division in our society has not … Continue reading

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Information Literacy Outside the Walls of the Library

by Paul Gatz The news is fake, truth is dead, and facts aren’t even a “thing” anymore. A blunt initial assessment, but perhaps it can be fine-tuned. Yes, it can be difficult to distinguish between news items from reputable sources … Continue reading

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Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight!

by Christine Anne George Ages ago, otherwise known as February 2016, I wrote a post-binge post on Making a Murderer. Among other things, I mentioned how the show created a teachable moment where people (hopefully) learned about the limits of … Continue reading

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Building Better Libraries with ORALL

by Beau Steenken Last week I attended the 2016 annual meeting of the Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries (ORALL) in Dayton, Ohio. ORALL tends to be one of my favorite conferences. On the one hand, its relatively small size … Continue reading

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Intersection Between Culture & Emotion

by Margaret Ambrose As part of a professional development speaker series, the Cornell Law Library recently hosted Eugenia Charles-Newton, who delivered an excellent presentation on emotional intelligence and cultural competence. One of the many highlights of the presentation was Eugenia’s personal narrative … Continue reading

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Political Correctness and Safe Spaces in the Law Library

by Margaret Ambrose As any of my co-workers can tell you, I am an avid political-news junkie, and this political season is a doozy. Political correctness has taken center stage, and academia is a major player in this discussion. Most … Continue reading

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