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On Practical Matters: Encouraging Advanced Organization

While browsing the internet a couple of weeks ago, I came across an anonymous discussion board that asked the following question: “People who shoved their school papers in their back backpack with no binder/folder, etc., where are you now?” We … Continue reading

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The Little Book of Holiday Law

Two years ago, just after passing the Florida Bar, a close friend gifted me with Ursula Fury-Perry’s Little Book of Holiday Law. This year, after coming across the paperback gathering dust on my bookshelf some weeks ago, and feeling the … Continue reading

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A Good Lawyer Should be Living a Good Life

It is common knowledge among legal professionals that law and philosophy are intimately entwined. A detailed understanding of jurisprudence is integral to any law professional’s success. Still, there are many branches of philosophy that can apply to our lives and … Continue reading

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Going Digital with Microsoft OneNote

About a year or so ago, when I was just beginning my career as a law librarian, I attended a professional development webinar focused on staying organized. One specific gem that stayed with me regarded how to keep your meeting … Continue reading

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First Day Adventures

Last week, I taught my first class of the year. My first class as a professor. A new mission unlocked! A career milestone complete! It was both exciting and nerve-racking, and I get to relive it all over again once-a-week, … Continue reading

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