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Collaboration is Key: Some Free Tools to Share Knowledge.

Last week’s CALI conference at the beautiful Marquette Law School was inspiring in a whole lot of ways! First, the physical space! The law school is dotted with collaborative workspaces; group study rooms and open tables are on all the … Continue reading

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Does the Desk Define Us?

When I was just a wee one, librarians already were asking a sacrilegious question: Does the reference desk define us? Barbara Ford presented a paper at ACRL in 1986 titled “Reference Beyond (and without) the Reference Desk.” And Gabriela Sonntag … Continue reading

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“Gone fishin’, back tomorrow.”

What’s a patron to do after the reference librarian checks out for the night? When thinking about reference services, I default to the active/passive binary (or, if you don’t like the connotations therein, how about the immediate impact/legacy binary?). A … Continue reading

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Minor Debacles and Free Pizza

Mistakes are hard to write about.  But, I learned something the hard way this week, so I thought I’d share. Remember that undergrad seminar I’m teaching on ‘Social Networking and the Law’?  Up until this Wednesday, everything had been running … Continue reading

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“Law School Lite” Teaching Undergrads and Having Fun.

This semester, a colleague and I are teaching an undergraduate seminar: “Social Networking and the Law,” and, so far, it has been a blast. As Elliot noted in his recent post, Serving Undergraduates, undergrads are indeed a different animal than … Continue reading

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