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RIP Decade! We Will Remember You Fondly

This time of year, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, is a time of reflection for many. We count our current blessings, and imagine what the new year has in store for us. And, this year, what the NEW DECADE … Continue reading

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Facebook Breaks Didn’t Make You Happy! So Move Away From the Screen and Start Juggling…

According to a recent Gallup polls, American are not generally thrilled to be at work. 70% of Americans report lack of engagement at work and 67% report some level of burn out. Although many law librarians seem quite pleased with … Continue reading

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No Guilt Stalking! Helping Students Explore LexisNexis Public Records by Stalking Themselves

For my blog post this month, I continue my exploration of the LexisNexis products available through my law school’s subscription. As with last month’s blog post about Verdict and Settlement Analyzer, the purpose of this post is to briefly describe … Continue reading

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Quick Product Exploration Through Students Research Exercises: Lexis Advance Verdict and Settlement Analyzer

The recent explosion of LexisNexis and Westlaw products available to law students is both a beautiful boon/irritating bane to legal research instructors. On the one hand, more useful stuff is…more stuff…that is useful. On the other hand, it even useful … Continue reading

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Harness the Melodic Robotic Voices of Our Eventual Overlords Now to Improve Your Proofreading!

by Sarah Gotschall Maybe a person whose blog post was two weeks late shouldn’t be writing a post about workplace productivity! But then again, perhaps without my productivity breakthrough, I never would’ve signed up to write blog posts in the … Continue reading

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“Am I JUST a Bill?” Using Lexis Advance’s Legislative Outlook to Predict if a Bill Will Become Law

by Sarah Gostchall Recently a professor asked me which of our available online services – Westlaw Edge, Lexis Advance, or Bloomberg Law – I would recommend to track Arizona bills on a particular topic. Years have passed since I last … Continue reading

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Let Your Computer Do the Typing and Save Your Wrists for Lifting Your Drink

by Sarah Gotschall According to computer scientist Andrew Ng, speech is the natural way that people communicate and “humanity was never designed to communicate by using our fingers to poke at little keyboards…” After years of user torment by Siri … Continue reading

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