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Menopause in the Library: Ladies of a Certain Age Unite!?!

We have probably all noticed that law librarianship is a female-dominated profession. As of 2016, 75% of American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) members were women. Librarianship is such a feminized profession that recently AALL tried to rename itself to … Continue reading

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The Goofy Prize Box: The Hairball Cat, 25 Year Old Gum, and Sand Dollar Wonder

When I started teaching legal research in 2006, I found many students appeared afraid to answer questions, which was perhaps unsurprising considering the ravages of the Socratic Method on the First Year psyche. Considering their wide eyed terror, throwing out … Continue reading

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LibGuides for Legal Research Course Websites

For many years, I used a free wiki for my administrative law research course website. It has worked perfectly fine over the years, but the site format hasn’t really changed in forever. It looked a bit dated, or maybe … Continue reading

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Stand in the Place Where You Work?

Run for the hills! Modern life is killing us (and turning us into nearsighted mouth breathers)! Recently I read that our mushy non-fibrous western diet has led to the underdevelopment of children’s jaws, resulting in crowded teeth and jaw muscles too week to hold their … Continue reading

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Buying Stuff from the Deep Dark Web So You Don’t Have To

by Sarah Gotschall As I mentioned in my CALI conference wrap-up, my favorite presentation was Deborah Ginsberg’s Blocked! What is Blockchain and What Will It Mean for the Future of Law? While explaining blockchains and cryptocurrencies, Ms. Ginsberg mentioned using … Continue reading

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An Exploration of WikiLeaks: What has Taken Me So Long!

by Sarah Gotschall Recently a friend from my school’s career services office was trying to find contact information for a recent graduate, a common activity for her since her department is in charge of reporting graduate employment data to the … Continue reading

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In the Long Run We Will Still Be Dead, But Presidential End of Term Web Archive Will Go On

by Sarah Gotschall In 2008, the International Internet Preservation Consortium and National Digital Infrastructure and Preservation Program joined together to archive the web at the end of presidential administrations, starting with George W. Bush. The purpose of the End of Term Web … Continue reading

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