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I work as a Access & Research Services Librarian at Cornell Law. I am also a Board Member of ALLUNY.

Why LawArXiv?

by Magaret Ambrose You may have already heard that the Cornell Law Library, LIPA, MALLCO, and NELLCO have embarked on a mission to empower the legal scholarly community and to champion open access principles by ensuring community ownership of legal scholarship … Continue reading

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Bad Research or Competing Philosophies of Statutory Interpretation: Sally Yates vs. Ted Cruz

by Margaret Ambrose Last Monday, on May 8th, 2017, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates squared off with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about her decision not to enforce President Trump’s initial attempt at a travel ban. This tense exchange was … Continue reading

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Giving Effective Feedback

by Maggie Ambrose This past year I’ve experimented with feedback for students while teaching the research component to 1Ls.  I will admit I had some failures as well as successes, and as this year comes to an end I’ve been … Continue reading

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Alternative Group Work Activities

by Margaret Ambrose At the beginning of last semester, I asked my colleagues: “What is the ideal group size when having students work on problems in class?” I got several answers, all within the 3-5 range. Generally, the feedback centered … Continue reading

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Information Literacy Instruction May Not Be Enough

by Margaret Ambrose Fake news is here to stay. Information professionals need to factor this reality into their strategic vision for the future because there is no turning back the clock on this one – Pandora’s Box is officially open. … Continue reading

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ROSS: An Inside Look

by Margaret Ambrose I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Andrew Arruda, one of the founders of ROSS. One of the more interesting tidbits from the presentation and the Q&A centered around access to justice. Access to justice, … Continue reading

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What to Do About Millennials?

by Margaret Ambrose The answer to the question ‘What to do about Millennials?’ in terms of legal research instruction may, in fact, be nothing – or nothing that is specific to Millennials. Let me be clear, trends towards experiential learning, collaborative … Continue reading

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