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Linguist, lawyer, librarian. B.A. in linguistics from Dartmouth College. J.D. from Yale Law School.

Net Neutrality: What Law Librarians Need to Know

by Lora Johns Net neutrality. It’s one of those terms that’s been slung around so often lately that it’s reached semantic saturation. Like fake news, or covfefe. But you can’t be a law librarian and not care about net neutrality. … Continue reading

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“You Can’t Read That”: The Ethics and Constitutionality of Withholding Books

by Lora Johns The phrase “banned books” is a loaded one. It conjures images of Soviet officers confiscating Western literature at heavily-guarded borders. It reminds us of ceremonial Nazi book-burning in the name of national “purity.” Censorship, we feel, is … Continue reading

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O Holy Nightmare: What to do about emotional labor and holiday burnout

by Lora Johns The holiday season is upon us. We’re inundated with messages to be thankful, to project an “attitude of gratitude.” It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Except that for many of us, it’s not. In academic … Continue reading

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Helping ADD Students Succeed at Legal Research

by Lora Johns Lawyers have a split reputation. On the one hand, there’s Dr. Jekyll, Esq. He’s organized; he’s focused; he can write a motion to dismiss and record his billable hours down to the 6-minute increment with impeccable accuracy. … Continue reading

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Will Robots Take Over the Law Library?

by Lora Johns In recent years, websites have sprung up that allow the anxious professional to input her job title and find out when she will be replaced by automation. Based on the calculations of an Oxford University report, Will … Continue reading

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