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“Can I check out the Ping-Pong paddles?” Unique yet popular items that patrons crave

by Kris Turner Obviously, the most common requests in law libraries revolve around serious research. Be it books, databases, microfilm, or whatever format, law libraries are saturated with critical tools for study. But law students often require a break in their … Continue reading

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Seeking perfection in an imperfect world: Metrics and Academic Law Libraries

by Kris Turner My colleagues and I are currently hip-deep in conversation about how to best measure and present the impact that our faculty have on the larger academic community. This information is critical to tenure committees, libraries, the faculty … Continue reading

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Scholarship and background on Supreme Court nominations

by Kris Turner With the sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13th, there is now an extra layer of importance added to President Obama’s final year in office, or perhaps to the first year in office for his … Continue reading

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Presenting….five alternatives to PowerPoint

by Kris Turner Ah, PowerPoint. The old standby, always there when you are in dire need of a professional and (relatively) simple-to-create presentation. Everyone knows it, everyone feel comfortable with it. Well, almost everyone. If you’re like me, you may … Continue reading

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Interlibrary loan: Marketing the unmarketable, or avoiding the deer in the headlights

by Kris Turner At the last AALL conference, I was fortunate enough to take part in the Future of ILL: A Debate, a program that aligned two groups of librarians against each other, one side feeling ‘warm’ towards ILL and the … Continue reading

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