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Searching for Negative News

by Erik Adams The defendant’s lawyer said to his client “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that samples of your blood were found at the crime scene. The good news is your cholesterol is below … Continue reading

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Managing Expectations with Public Records

by Erik Adams Use Google to search for a phone number and often the top hits will be websites that offer to connect a phone number to a person’s name and a street address. Click through and you will probably … Continue reading

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A Law Librarian Bitcoin/Blockchain Primer

by Erik Adams As I start to write this column, Google informs me that it takes $13,577.90 to purchase a single Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s astonishing rise in value last year (and significant fall this year) has been in the news a … Continue reading

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More Than Basic Civics

by Erik Adams A few years ago I participated in a panel discussion before a group of law school librarians. The panelists, who were all law firm librarians, discussed what they wished that summer associates and recent graduates did better. … Continue reading

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The Industrialization of Library Service

by Erik Adams In anticipation of the firm’s move to Hudson Yards in 2018, Milbank is transitioning to a team-based legal support staff model, which is in widespread use throughout the industry. (Source: Above the Law, Biglaw Firm’s Move To New … Continue reading

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A Review of Summer Associate Skills

by Erik Adams Our summer associates have gone back to school, and we’re taking a few minutes to review their tenure in our law firm. Usually this involves swapping war stories about ridiculous research projects assigned by mentors, like legislative … Continue reading

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Getting Users Out Of Their Seats

by Erik Adams In law firms we have struggled for years with how to get attorneys to stop relying on books, which are expensive to acquire, store, and maintain, and start using online resources. (Which are also expensive, but at … Continue reading

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