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Summer Associates – Yet Again

by Caren Luckie Summer associates are a great source/inspiration for blog posts, especially for law firm librarians like me.  It’s not always complaining about them, they can be a help to overworked firm librarians and researchers. During lunch today with … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Modern Technology

by Caren Luckie The title really should be “How to Manage Expectations of Modern Technology,” but that just doesn’t have quite the same ring. The title came about from a comment and blog post suggestion made by a co-worker.  Thank … Continue reading

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Summer Associate Season

by Caren Luckie This post is somewhat of a reprise of my fall associate post, regarding new fall associates.  Many of the same things hold true, but there are differences between summer associates and new fall associates.  And not just … Continue reading

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Working Remotely – Good or Bad?

by Caren Luckie One of the good things about being a firm librarian is the ability to work from home once in a while.  It’s also one of the bad things.  Yes, it means I don’t have to take a … Continue reading

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Competitive Intelligence in a Nutshell

It’s no secret.  Law firms stay in business because we have paying clients.   And the attorneys are encouraged (strongly encouraged) to continue to bring in new clients.  Sometimes it’s relatively easy because the prospective client is a friend from college/law … Continue reading

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It’s all a question of timing

Where does the time go?  And how do we juggle the demands of work, family, and more?  The latter is a question for another day, but juggling work demands is a real problem that all of us face on a … Continue reading

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They’re coming! It’s New Fall Associate Season.

It’s early September, and to those of us in law firms it means that the new fall associates will start arriving soon. Fresh from law school, and hopefully rejuvenated after taking July bar exams, the NFAs are eager to start … Continue reading

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