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Holidays on Reference

by Christine Anne George Last year, I was a champ. At least according to the Washington Post’s blog, I was a champ. It was a bit gratifying (if not a little mortifying because I didn’t think the picture would get around) because … Continue reading

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Our Directors, Our Shelves

By Christine Anne George Back in 2012, SUNY Buffalo Law School kicked off celebrations for its 125th anniversary. The following year, the Supreme Court Library at Buffalo celebrated its 150th anniversary. I’d be lying if I denied having a bit … Continue reading

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When the Go-To is Gone (Yes, Another Atticus Post)

by Christine George In the few years that I’ve been at my current job, I’ve built up a bit of a reputation. It’s all Chunk’s fault—Chunk from The Goonies, in case you’re wondering. He (well, the actor, Jeff Cohen) became … Continue reading

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