Interested in Connecting with RIPS-SIS Scholars? Check out the updated My Communities Page and Publication Resource

Guest Post by Kathleen Darvil

The RIPS-SIS Scholarship Committee has been busy this year working on ways to support your writing and scholarship.  We’d like to share with RIPS and AALL members two resources: the revitalized My Communities page and the updated publication resource.

Our My Communities Page

Are you looking to connect with other writers? If so, you should join the  RIPS Scholarship My Communities page.  You can connect with like-minded RIPS members in creating scholarship; post a discussion calling for collaborators, ask for feedback on your draft, or offer to review the work of your peers. Get alerts (and give alerts!) for writing events put on by RIPS and sister committees ALL-SIS, PEGA-SIS Beer & Edits, and other AALL sections. Use the resources in the Library to generate ideas and find scholarship about scholarship – we have a variety of how-to’s and guidelines generated by librarians and other experts. Make sure to fill out the Report Your Scholarship form in the Library so the RIPS Publications and Recruitment Committee can publicize your works to RIPS and the entire AALL community. To join, go to, click on Communities, search for “RIPS Scholarship Community, and click on “Join Community”.  We know writing is important to you – whether it’s for your personal growth, professional development, or both – but did you know your writing is also important to us as well? Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Spread knowledge. 

Updated Publication Resources

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name in print or if your job requires publishing, RIPS-SIS maintains two resources to help you during the publication process.  The first is the RIPS-SIS Publication Resource Spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet lists over forty journals that focus on law librarianship, librarianship, legal writing, and law schools.  The spreadsheet also contains information on whether the journal is peer-reviewed, whether the journal has article length requirements, what style manual the journal uses, and the journal’s website and contact information.  Second is the Publication Resource Handout, a concise document that lists publishers who focus on academic institutions, information science, and libraries.  The document divides the publishers into eight broad categories and then lists the publishers along with their website information and publishing focus.  You can find both resources on the RIPS-SIS website at

About malikahhalllibrarian

Malikah Hall is a Reference Librarian and Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. She was previously the Diversity Fellow, Research Services Librarian, and Lecturer in Law at Cornell University. Malikah is very active in AALL where she is the current RIPS Law Librarian Blog editor, Immediate Past Chair of PEGA-SIS, a member of the AALL Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and a member of the AALL Legal Research Competencies Review Special Committee. Malikah graduated from North Carolina Central University with a J.D./M.L.S. joint degree. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her sweet dog and anything true crime related.
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