Help! A Robot Wrote my Blog Post!

NOTE: Ms. Essaybot is the AI author of the black text, my Ms. Essaybot corrections are in red, and my own human thoughts are in blue. For a more readable version of this blog post, scroll to the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Here is the readable version!

If you think ours truly, the RIPS Law Library Blog bloggers, could not be replaced with artificial intelligence (AI ), you might be surprised to learn how some famous media organizations including the New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, and Yahoo! Sports already use AI to create news content. The Associated Press organization, for instance, now creates 30,000 local news stories each month using AI. You might believe that these are mainly comprised of conventional who, what, where and when narratives and you are right. But, nowadays, AI-written writing has extended beyond conventional work to more creative writing efforts, e.g., poetry and novels. 

AI writing assistants use machine learning, a subset of AI engineering, to assist knowledge creators through the work process by suggesting passages of content, like the ones that comprise this blog post. All I did was type in the headline-like sentence “using ai writing tools to write blog posts” and was presented with many highly relevant and even interesting passages to choose from. Ms. Essaybot is the AI author of the black text, my corrections are in red, and my own thoughts are in blue. These assistants also help with research and grammar. The tools provide natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text and offer relevant knowledge and recommendations and can speed up content production! AI augmented work will help business owners, marketing advisors, and authors to create more content, from blog material to business descriptions. These productivity apps vary greatly in scale and range from fully automated work tools and systems for multiple authors to simple bots that collect content published online and give suggestions for people with small projects.

Essaybot must have low self-esteem, because it offered a passage touting the virtues of Articoolo instead of itself! Articoolo is an excellent AI-powered article publishing system. With the use of the Articoolo knowledge creation tool, you can make blog posts that are almost entirely clear to the human mind. If it works like Essaybot, you just write a sentence on your topic, and it’s algorithm analyzes the language from the information, uses keywords to identify relevant resources, and generates unique plagiarism free content for your blog (it extensively rephrases the chosen blocks of content, but not always correctly, as is evident from my numerous corrections). 

Today, you may not be able to make the full post from starti to finish. But if you write articles about information, it can significantly reduce the effort of the writing process. With useful information in your headline search, you could use the AI tool to speed the writing process, but still rely on human editors (i.e. yourself) to add color, make compelling arguments and transitions, and also layer on insights. 

Of course, as any procrastinating student knows, cutting and pasting paragraphs from the Internet and then rephrasing them for a paper is nothing new! After typing in my headline-like sentence, I was presented with many highly relevant and even interesting passages about my topic to choose from. And then, with a click of a button, Ms. Essaybot rewrote my selected passages in her own words. The whole thing took about 3 minutes! Then, as predicted in the paragraph above, the human added some color (in her own mind, at least) and edited Ms. Essaybot’s contribution to correct her mistakes. For some reason, it was kind of fun! I felt more engaged than usual while writing this blog post, as if the robot and I were having a nice time working together. (Full disclosure: I love robots and hope they take over soon!) And of course, this wonderful new world is not limited to blog posts, but are creeping into the legal world with new products like Casetext’s Compose, which uses AI to write simple motions. Perhaps that will be the subject of next month’s blog post…

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