Which RIPS Committee is Right for You?

Committees are the heart of RIPS-SIS and we need YOU to volunteer for them, to keep coming up with interesting new ideas for initiatives, and to continue the work on some of our longstanding projects. The RIPS Committee Volunteer Survey will be distributed on Wednesday, April 25th.

In the meantime, start thinking about which committee(s) you would like to serve on in 2018-2019. We’ve put together these blurbs to help you identify which committee is right for you!

Volunteer for the Legal Research Teach-In Kit Committee if:

✅ You want to help compile and share excellent resources designed by individual librarians

✅ You are interested in the broad spectrum of teaching materials created by librarians from firm, government, and academic settings

✅ You’ve ever used the Teach-In Kit to help you prepare for teaching a class or workshop and would like to give something back

✅ You’d like to help empower librarians around the country by shining the spotlight on them as competent and capable instructors


Volunteer for the Grants Committee if:

✅ You want to learn about the best and brightest members of RIP-SIS

✅ You are passionate about supporting fellow RIP-SIS members attending AALL conferences and succeeding in their professional goals

✅ You want to be involved in a committee whose primary time commitment is in the spring


Volunteer for the Program Committee if:

✅ You have a desire to help shape the programming opportunities for RIPS-SIS members

✅ You enjoy providing feedback to colleagues on their program proposals


Volunteer for the Online Training Committee if:

✅ You have creative ideas for online training programs for the RIPS membership

✅ You’d like to work with other RIPS committees to facilitate webinars and other online training programs for the RIPS membership
✅ You’re passionate about distance education (or want to learn more about it)


Volunteer for the Nominations Committee if:

✅ You want to help identify future leaders who are dedicated to the SIS and best qualified to guide the organization

✅ You are interested in helping select who will serve on the RIPS executive board next year


Volunteer for the Promotions & Recruitment Committee if:

✅ You enjoy outreach and finding new ways to get members interested in research instruction

✅ You get excited about designing marketing materials for #AALLAnnual

✅ You can’t wait to #livetweet and share all the ways @RIPS_SIS contributes


Volunteer for the Patron Services Committee if:

✅ You care about access services, circulation, ILL, or with generally helping patrons get the resources they need;

✅ You’d like to share best practices, new ideas, and brainstorm solutions with other librarians; and

✅ You want opportunities to write, create webinars, presentations, toolkits, and other avenues to preserve and share our collective knowledge.


Volunteer for the Research Instruction Committee if:

✅ You love to read and review the latest and greatest books on teaching and legal research;

✅ You enjoy collaborating with fellow instructors of all backgrounds to generate material useful to librarians in all instructional situations;

✅ You’re excited to brainstorm with colleagues at AALL roundtables and share the efforts on the RIPS Blog.


Volunteer for the Legal Research Competency Committee if:

✅ You want to compile and generate content to help members learn more about and assess legal research competency;

✅ You’d enjoy creating webinars on the PSLRC and assessing legal research competency;

✅ You’d like to help develop and maintain a legal research competency website.


Volunteer for the brand-new Scholarship Committee if:

✅ You’re passionate about law librarianship-related scholarship

✅ You want to help promote RIPS members’ written contributions to our profession

✅ You’d enjoy connecting law librarians with writing partners who have similar interests


About Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker is the Interim Director of the Law Library at Texas Tech University School of Law. She also teaches Civil Trial Research & Academic Legal Writing, as well as sessions in the Legal Practice program and Excellence in Legal Research program. She blogs at www.gingerlawlibrarian.com.
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