Message from New RIPS Chair

Hello RIPS members,

It is with great excitement that I begin my year as Chair of RIPS-SIS. After four days of meeting and talking to RIPS members in Austin, I’m energized and ready to help put your ideas into action, with the help of our Executive Board, Strategic Planning Committee, our team of committee chairs, and our community of active members.

While the committees themselves have many interesting and innovative initiatives they are getting ready to take on, I am particularly excited about the work the Board and Strategic Planning Committee are going to be doing on updating our Strategic Plan. This five-year plan will be a reflection of what our ideal Special Interest Section would be, taking ideas from members across the country and setting out an action plan to make them happen.

My hope is that you will all contribute by sending in your ideas of what your ideal vision of RIPS would be, of what we should be aiming to be. We’d also like to hear your ideas for what types of projects and initiatives you’d like to see RIPS tackle. No ideas are too small or too big, so please share them with us either by contacting a member of the Strategic Planning Committee (listed below) or Executive Board or by sending them via Twitter at @RIPS_SIS.

It was wonderful to meet so many of you in Austin. My thanks to you for the inspiration and energy you bring to our SIS. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Alyson Drake
RIPS Chair, 2017-2018

Strategic Planning Committee Members:
Ashley Ahlbrand
Karin Johnsrud
Heather Joy
Rebecca Mattson
Shannon Roddy
Alexis Sharp
Genevieve Tung
Katie Crandall, ex officio
Paul Gatz, ex officio
Katie Hanschke, ex officio
Susan Nevelow Mart, ex officio


About Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker is the Interim Director of the Law Library at Texas Tech University School of Law. She also teaches Civil Trial Research. She blogs at
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