RIPS Reviews Poster Session Proposals

As you’re probably all aware, the call for posters at the Annual Meeting in Austin recently opened up. The submissions are due by Friday, April 14. We hope to see lots of RIPS members sharing ideas about the awesome programs and services they’re offering at their law libraries. Poster sessions are great way to share and connect with other AALL members.

The RIPS Program Committee is here to help you as your draft your proposal. We can help with the language of your proposal and help you sort out your ideas. If you’d like feedback on your proposal, please send your blurb to Alyson Drake at by noon PST on Friday, March 31st.

The Committee will read all proposals and submit feedback to the proposers by noon on Friday, April 7th. If you have an idea, but don’t want to do a poster alone, let us know; we can try to connect you with other RIPS members who are doing similar projects.

Alyson Drake
RIPS Vice-Chair
Chair, RIPS Program Committee


About Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker is the Interim Director of the Law Library at Texas Tech University School of Law. She also teaches Civil Trial Research. She blogs at
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