RIPS-SIS Virtual Business Meeting

The RIPS-SIS Executive Board is pleased to announce that we will be holding a virtual business meeting in the summer of 2017, rather than having our traditional business meeting at the AALL Annual Meeting. We are excited that this change will allow more members to participate in the business meeting, as attendance at the conference will not be necessary. Additionally, our members will be able to view a recording of the meeting afterward.

If you will be attending the AALL meeting in July, and you are worried about losing this opportunity to see your RIPS-SIS colleagues, do not despair! Based on your feedback, the Board is still planning to hold a more informal gathering of RIPS-SIS members. Stay tuned for more details about these events as they are finalized. If you have comments or questions about these changes, please contact us. We love to hear from our members!

About Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker is the Interim Director of the Law Library at Texas Tech University School of Law. She also teaches Civil Trial Research & Academic Legal Writing, as well as sessions in the Legal Practice program and Excellence in Legal Research program. She blogs at
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