Got Photographs?

by Cynthia Condit

I’m always looking for great photographs to use for various publications I create, whether for a blog post, a PowerPoint presentation, a newsletter, social media, etc. Right now my list includes over 45 (I know, a bit ridiculous) websites that provide free photos, most under the CC0 1.0 license. This means I can use the photos for personal or commercial use in any way I wish. Frequently, attribution is not required either, but I always include it because I’m grateful for access to great photos. Many of the sites were started by photographers who had hard drives full of photographs and decided to share them.  Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite free photograph websites.


Offers a collection of free high resolution photos by Ryan McGuire that may be used for personal or commercial projects. New photos are added weekly. A “magic auto search” option and list of categories facilitate searching. Here are a couple sample photos from this site:

grat-alum-man        grat-nature


Offers over 630,000 free stock photos, vector drawings, and art illustrations available free for personal or commercial use and no attribution required. This site is very easy to search by media type, orientation, color, size, and categories. You can also search using AND, OR, NOT, and ().  Here are some examples of the wide variety of artwork available:

pixabay-two-fish           pixabay-wordle

pixabay-blue-gorilla-graphic                  pixabay-binary-code-jpg


There are currently over 10,000 images available, with at least 1500 new, hand-picked photos added each month. Free for personal or commercial use and no attribution required. The site offers a search box and popular search categories. Samples include:

pex-blue-abstract       pex-man-frame


This site has a wide range of free photographs for “bloggers, website owners, small businesses, free lancers, and social media ninjas.”  Use the search box, click the #tag under photos, or browse the categories.  Samples include:

kab-happy-coffee        kab-rusty-nails

Provides high quality, high resolution images free to use as you wish and no attribution required. Use the search box and sort by date, trending, downloaded, and favorites.  Examples:

It’s awesome that so many owners of photographs have waived their interest in their photographs so that we can use them without restrictions. But do remember to read the “fine print” on all websites and keep in mind that depicted content may still be protected by trademarks, publicity, or privacy rights. While attribution to the photographer and website is generally not required, it is always appreciated. Now go create something!

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One Response to Got Photographs?

  1. ALL these are new to me and I am thrilled to find new resources. Thank you (and thanks to my librarian sister who tipped me off to this).

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