Why do I do this?

For the second year in a row, I have had the pleasure of writing one of the last posts before the New Year.  But instead of making resolutions, I wanted to answer a question and send out a call to action.  So why do I blog?

I will admit there are some times when deadlines are looming that I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”  I have many demands during the workday, and I have a full home life.  Most days I don’t set down to relax until well into the evening.  It would be easier to pass on some extra-curricular activities and give that time to a more pressing duty.

But what fun would that be?  In the time I have been working with the RIPS Law Librarian Blog, I have had the opportunity to write about the great things we are doing at my library, think about things we should be doing, and talk with other librarians who were interested in a topic I wrote about or have great ideas we haven’t even thought about yet.  It may take a few minutes out of a busy day to put together a 500 word blog post, but the benefits that come from the process and the aftermath are well worth the time spent.

That’s why I do it.  But what about this call to action I promised?  I know from meeting librarians over the years that we all have great backgrounds and we are doing interesting things at our respective librarians.  Many of us have areas of subject expertise which can expand to great ideas for papers (or conference presentations).  In my mind, everyone should be active in the profession in some sort of way, and writing about what we do is a great way to do this.

Everyone has different demands on their time, and coming up with ideas can be difficult.  Next time you think about heading to Facebook, why not instead spend a few minutes jotting down your thoughts?  Do you feel like you have writer’s block and the ideas just are not coming?  Check out this recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education discussing the writing habits of highly productive scholars.  There are numerous great tips to becoming a more productive writer with a general theme that it primarily requires developing habits and practices to get the work done.  Much like everything else, writing is a skill that can be and should be developed.

In the end, I enjoy writing for the opportunities to interact with my fellow librarians.  And yes, it can be time consuming and at times difficult to come up with new ideas.  But I stick with it, figure out the best practices for me, and find moments when the time is right to work on the next project.  So the next time you see a call for “insert the publication or conference here,” I strongly recommend considering giving back to the profession with those great ideas I know all law librarians have.  I promise you won’t regret it, and you may even learn to love it.

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