2014 RIPS Teach-In Kit Now Available!

In case you missed the announcement elsewhere, the much-anticipated 2014 RIPS Teach-In Kit is now available.

The Research Instruction and Patron Services Special Interest Section is proud to announce the release of the 22nd Annual RIPS Teach-In Kit!  Each year, in conjunction with National Library Week, RIPS creates a Teach-In Kit containing fresh materials for use in your institution’s promotional and instructional activities.  We are pleased to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Teach-In Kit with a variety of new materials including research exercises, PowerPoint presentations, guides, handouts, and games that can be adapted to suit your needs.  Materials cover a wide range of topics such as statutory law, secondary sources, empirical legal research, federal legislative histories, local government law, administrative law, cost-effective legal research, and much more.  Notably, this year’s Kit also has a more tech savvy focus.  We received materials about cloud computing, legal apps, and mobile technology which will surely have great utility in your course or presentation planning.

A big thank you to all of this year’s contributors, we would have no Kit without you!  Thanks also to the Teach-In Kit Committee: Laura Ax-Fultz, Kerry Lohmeier, Shawn Nevers, Gail Partin, Becka Rich, and Anupama Pal.  Special thanks to the RIPS webmaster, Maribel Nash.

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