RIPS-SIS 2012-2013 Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report will be presented during the RIPS-SIS Breakfast and Annual Business Meeting Monday, July 15th. For RIPS-SIS members unable to attend this year’s meeting, you may review the Treasurer’s Report below. Watch the blog for more information about RIPS-SIS events at the AALL annual meeting and for more information about the 2013-2014 Board.

RIPS-SIS Treasurer’s Report


Balance (as of 7/31/2012)                            24,898.45


  • Dues                                                                9,005.00
  • Contributions                                                1,375.00

Total Revenue                                                     10,380.00


  • Annual Conference Food and Beverage   6,578.80
  • Annual Conference A/V                                  285.00
  • Annual Conference Awards                           831.60
  • Donations (and display)                                  119.30
  • Annual Conference Giveaways                      636.99
  • Misc. Expenses                                                   958.81
  • Telephone (conference calls)                            74.07

Total Expenses                                                        9,484.57

Excess Revenues over Expenses                                   895.43

Balance (as of 5/31/2013)                                 25,793.88


Submitted by Karin Johnsrud
RIPS Secretary/Treasurer 2011-2013



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