Quick update on federal eBooks

I ran across an interesting email by Bert Chapman of Purdue University on the GovDoc-L listserv.  The United States Office of the Historian has started an “Ebooks initiative.”  The Office is starting to release the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series in ePub (Adobe Digitial Editions, iBooks, Nook, Google Book Reader, Bluefire, etc.) and Mobi (Kindle) formats.  They have initially released 5 volumes of the FRUS:

  • 1964–1968, Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967
  • 1969–1976, Volume X, Vietnam, January 1973–July 1975
  • 1969–1976, Volume XXIV, Middle East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1969–1972; Jordan, September 1970
  • 1969–1976, Volume XXXII, SALT I, 1969–1972
  • 1969–1976, Volume E–12, Documents on East and Southeast Asia, 1973–1976

So legal publishers take note, even the federal government has acknowledged the value of downloadable eBooks.

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