I have a problem.

For Christmas, I bought my father a Roku 2.  While the main purpose was to allow him to experiment with online streaming media, some part of me wanted to buy the device just to see how it worked. This may explain why I have a Blu-Ray player, Wii, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android phone, and an iPad 2 (the latter courtesy of my employer), too.

Much as I love my technological toys…errrm… tools, I always fear that I am missing something.  As such, I am constantly reading blogs and websites looking for the newest technology with which to play.

Today, for instance, I signed up for a free MeetingBurner account, which provides access to free webmeeting software with recording abilities for up to 50 people.  I have not had a lot of time to experiment with it yet, but it intrigued me.  And yet, before I completely learn about MeetingBurner, I know that I will be reading the blogs and websites to see what new tool crops up next.

This does not really seem to be much of a problem in general, but my technoholic tendencies can actually lead to some real world problems.  For instance, I was looking over the ABA Techshow program and drooling over some of the programs (Yes, I really do want to attend sessions such as “Awesome Android Apps for Attorneys” – darn it, I have become one with my iPad and now want to do the same with my Android! Not to mention, I get the occasional question about them…darn reference librarian tendencies of needing to locate information for patrons), when I experienced a brief anxiety spasm because there were so many things that I felt like I was missing.

For once, I understand many people’s claims that they are in information overload.  I am quite capable of getting my mind to sort, categorize, and organize massive amounts of information (thank you UWM SOIS program!), but I am starting to go into technology overload.

So, what do I do?  The sane among you are probably calmly writing me an email telling me that I am not alone, and I can get help for this problem.  Others of you are probably yelling at your computer screens for me to step away from the light and return to the real world.  And I am sure that there are at least one or two of you scoffing at the idea of technology overload and plunging ahead in your own quests to learn about and understand all of the newest technologies.

After thinking about it for a few hours and playing a game of “see who gets to occupy the couch” with my two cats (they won), I have decided to continue my research into new technologies, but also to repeat the following to myself every day until I believe it:

It is OK to not experiment with every new technology.
You are just one person.
You will learn what you need to know.
You cannot spend all of your time looking into new technologies.
Classes need to be taught, reference questions need to be answered, and the cats will bite you if you do not take the time to feed and play with them.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Any other  suggestions for dealing with technology overload?

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