A Law Librarian’s Reasons To Be Thankful

The U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow. With all of the budget cuts, vendor price increases, library closings, and other depressing things that have happened this year, I thought that it would be appropriate to share some of the things in my professional life for which I am thankful:

1. My job, which allows me to work with some of my favorite things, including technology and students.
2. My students, both current and past, who make my job worth it.
3. My colleagues, who help me maintain my sanity.
4. All of the men and women in my IT department who hear me out and treat me with respect, even when I have hair-brained ideas.
5. A Dean and faculty who believe that our library continues to be an important part of the law school community.
6. AALL, which connects me to other law librarians and friends.
7. The SISs, which have given me a way to give back to my professional community.
8. The Occupy Wall Street movement, which showed me that no matter what people are doing and where they are, people still value, create, and protect libraries.
9. The GPO and FDLP libraries, who are persevering even in the face of tremendous budget cuts and adversity.
10. Our blog readers, who give us reason to continue writing, growing, and sharing ideas.

I invite all of you to share some of the things for which you, too, are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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