Library Instruction and Information Literacy…There’s an Organization (and Conference) for That!

Later this month, Vanderbilt librarians who teach will have the opportunity to attend virtual “encore” sessions on library instruction and information literacy from a conference going on right this minute in Fort Worth, Texas by an organization called LOEX.  Apologies for those who have heard of this organization before, but I hadn’t, so in the interest of sharing, I write this post.  According to LOEX’s web site:

LOEX is a self-supporting, non-profit educational clearinghouse for library instruction and information literacy information. Founded in 1971 after the “First Annual Conference on Library Orientation” at Eastern Michigan University, LOEX (Library Orientation Exchange) has grown from a lending repository of library instruction materials and host of an annual conference on the subject to an internationally known organization that serves as a conduit for those working in the field. We provide information on all aspects of instruction and information literacy to libraries and librarians who are institutional members.

Lists of membership schools can be found here and the list of programming going on at this year’s program in Fort Worth can be found here.  While obviously not aimed at law libraries specifically, I think after you take a look at the programs offered, you will agree that there are lots of sessions those of us who teach would find quite useful.

Next year’s conference is May 3-5 in Columbus, Ohio.

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