A Region in Crisis: Researching Middle Eastern Law

Research in the Middle East

With the ongoing events in the Middle East and the Ka Nefer Nefer case going on, we’ve received several questions on how to locate Middle Eastern law.  I thought that perhaps some of you might also be interested in the resources I’ve been putting together for our students.

Slate has put together a great infographic about what’s going on in the Middle East, complete with links to news stories and a moving timeline.

Several libraries have already put together some great guides to law in the Middle East. LLRX has also put together a guide on finding Islamic law. The Pitt Jurist and the Law Library of Congress are also great sources for links to legislatures, executives, bodies of law, and other information.  Where a Law Library of Congress page exists, it tends to link to the most primary sources and be the most comprehensive, but I’ve included several other sources as well because, depending on the research project and the languages the research speaks, different sites will be more helpful.  Of course, not every country is mentioned in every source.  The CIA World Factbook has great information on government and legal structure for countries without a lot written about them.  While they’re a great source, and I’ve linked them in each spot, I believe that the other sources are more comprehensive and helpful from a legal research angle most of the time.   For the main countries involved:








Ivory Coast









Saudi Arabia




Western Sahara


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2 Responses to A Region in Crisis: Researching Middle Eastern Law

  1. Steph Hess says:

    Great post, Becka! Thanks for providing so many useful links to foreign and international law resources.

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