Happy New Year RIPS Membership

Happy New Year RIPS Membership!

It is time once again for an update from the Chair on RIPS activities.

In December, The RIPS Executive Board met via conference call to discuss current RIPS projects and finalize some details about the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

The Adopt a Penguin survey was a success. Thank you to all of you who participated. In the end, Defenders of Wildlife (Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center) won with an overwhelming 78.8% of the vote.  I am very excited for RIPS to support this organization, which  was named “America’s Best Wildlife Charity” by Reader’s Digest. For over 60 years they have been a leading innovator in developing the most effective ways to conserve imperiled wildlife and wild lands.  Please stop by the RIPS table in Philly and learn more about the penguin we adopted.

The RIPS call for nominations was released this week. Please take a few moments to nominate a deserving colleague or throw your own hat in the ring.  Being a part of the RIPS Executive Board would be a wonderful learning experience for someone who would like to take on a leadership role in the SIS.  Please feel free to contact the chair of the nominations committee, Beth Givens (Lindsay.B.Given.1@nd.edu) if you have any questions about the open executive board positions or nominations process.

In January and the beginning of February, keep an eye on your inbox because you will be hearing form several RIPS committees as they release details on the RIPS Executive Board Slate of Candidates, new AALL Scholarships, and submissions to the Teach-In Kit.

Take Care,
Katie Brown, current Chair of RIPS
Assistant Director for Public and Faculty Services

Oklahoma City University

Law Library

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