Update on RIPS activities from Katie Brown

Greetings members,

The RIPS blog replaced the RIPS newsletter in recent years, so I will post updates about RIPS activities on the blog throughout the year.

The RIPS breakfast meeting in Denver was once again a well-attended free event. Thank you to all of our members who were able to attend. In Philadelphia, the breakfast meeting will continue to be a free event.

This October, The RIPS Executive Board met via conference call to discuss and vote on projects for the upcoming year. I wanted to share a selection of these projects with you today:

1.We are working with Sarah Glassmeyer, the RIPS webmaster, to update the RIPS website

2.We are significantly increasing the number of AALL registration scholarships available to our members. The goal is to assist our membership from all library types and departments in attending the annual meeting in Philadelphia

3.We will provide one registration scholarship for CONNELL to a student or new librarian member

4.We are working with Karin Johnsrud on a RIPS history project that will include surveying many of our longtime members

5.A current strategic plan has been drafted and is being retooled by the Executive Board

6.Influenced by other groups who find unique ways to give back, RIPS will be participating in an adopt a penguin program this year. The board is narrowing the list of animal organizations and the membership will vote on the program they wish RIPS to support

As I said, these are only a few of the new projects the executive board is working on. We will of course continue to support our excellent annual projects like the Teach-In Kit and Briefs in Librarianship. You will be receiving an update soon from the Vice–Chair about the programs you will see in Philadelphia next summer.

Take Care,
Katie Brown, current Chair of RIPS
Assistant Director for Public and Faculty Services

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