RIPS Programming at the 2010 AALL Annual Meeting

A wise man once told me that repeated reminders, according to advertising methodology, get them in the door. So, though we’ve said it before, we’re saying it again. Mark your calendars, because RIPS is bringing you lots of great education opportunities for you in Denver. Details are below.Special thanks to rising Chair Katie Brown and the Programming Committee for identifying great programs to sponsor.

Robb Farmer, RIPS-SIS Chair

2010 RIPS C8 Topical Forum: To Serve Man: Patron Services to the Disadvantaged During and After the Downturn.

Monday, July 12, 10:45

CCC Room 109

Last year, we looked at the recent economic turmoil with an eye toward how law libraries might turn adversity into opportunity. Now, we turn our attention outward to examine how difficult times affects law librarianship’s mission in serving low income, tribal, disabled, incarcerated, non-English speaking, and other underrepresented populations. The discussion will be led by a panel, but we want you to offer your own questions, opinions, and experiences.

What is it you do again? Marketing the patron services of the traditional to the nontraditional librarian

Monday July 12 8:45

CCC-Room 201-203

People often get in a rut when marketing their services to their patrons. This program will expose the audience to the marketing of services at a variety of libraries. The format for the program will be a round robin/poster session.

Behind the Scenes at the U.S. EPA

Sunday July 11 4:15

CCC-Room 108-112

Law librarians are familiar with how to research regulations. But do they know about the documents generated in the regulatory process, or how they can best serve non-legal professionals seeking this information? A research chemist and law librarian from the United States Environmental Protection Agency will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the regulatory process

Lies, Damned Lies, and Reference Statistics: Maximizing Your Data Efficiency

Monday, July 12 10:00

CCC-Room 201-203

While data about reference transactions can prove extremely useful for evaluating services, many librarians express unhappiness with their existing methods of collection and analysis. Before reinventing the wheel (again), come to this lively and opinionated evaluation of the most popular techniques for collecting reference statistics.

Beyond (But Within) the Academy: Teaching Research in Law School Clinics

Tuesday July 13 10:45

CCC-Room 201-203

Clinical education provides law librarians with a tremendous teaching opportunity for many reasons. First, the clinics are in line with the Carnegie Report’s recommendation for experiential learning. The classes are relevant and specific, which benefits adult learners. Second, many clinics are transactional. Librarians can teach an area not often covered in the traditional legal research curriculum. Finally, librarians can become integrated in Course Management Systems (CMS). CMS software generally excludes libraries in their design, so faculty members overlook the role librarians can play in their classes. During this session, a panel of librarians will discuss the role their libraries play in clinical education, and provide suggestions on how your library can become better integrated with your law school clinics.

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