RIPS Committee Meetings and Information Sessions in Denver

Whether you’re a long-time member or one of the new additions to RIPS, one of the best ways to get involved and serve the organization is to join one of our committees. We have several standing committees, while other ad hoc committees may be organized for special projects or concerns.

Brief meetings and informational sessions for all our current committees will be held at Noon on Monday, July 12th in CCC Room 107. There you can learn about the missions of each committee, meet current Chairs, and decide which ones may be right for you. We would especially welcome involvement from private librarians; state, court & county librarians; technical services librarians; new librarians and students.

Committees include:

Programming – Annual meeting programming has been a hot button issue (next year’s C8?) recently, and as an SIS, we have an automatic bid for each year’s annual meeting. This committee helps identify, select, and implement educational programs suitable for RIPS’s large and diverse membership. Programming includes official AALL Annual Meeting programs; sessions produced by RIPS like the annual C8 forum; or virtual/distance learning like webinars.

Patron Services – One of the two primary missions that give our SIS its name. No matter what your job description or where you work, you serve patrons in some way. This committee works to make that service more effective and efficient, through such means as planning the Annual Meeting roundtable and collecting information like policies, forms, and training guides.

Research Instruction – Focusing on our other primary mission, this committee helps plan the Annual Meeting roundtable and address issues on teaching legal resources to our different patron groups. Recently, a law librarian blog post commented that the PLL-SIS did not have an RI roundtable. While that may change, we’d gladly let private law librarians to address their research instruction issues on our committee.

Legal Research Teach-In: This committee is responsible for the Legal Research Teach In Kit, a RIPS publication compiling sample instructional materials such as research guides, lesson plans, and presentations.

Public Relations: This Committee helps spread the good word about RIPS to AALL, potential members, and to our profession.

There are also a couple of special committees on the horizon. Details on those are coming soon. If you’re interested in committee work, but can’t make the informational session, don’t fret. Just let me know, and I’ll get you in touch with the right person. We look forward to working with you.

Robb Farmer, RIPS-SIS Chair

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