AALL Annual Meeting Reminder: Alphabet Soup Reception, featuring the Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award for Public Service Presentation

Each year, RIPS sponsors a reception along with three other Special Interest Sections: Technical Services, Computing Services, & Online Bibliographic Services. While billed in the AALL program as the TS/OBS/RIPS/CS-SIS Joint Reception, the little shindig has become affectionately known as the Alphabet Soup Reception. It’s a great opportunity to meet and greet members of other SIS’s, while enjoying some quality food and beverages.

This year’s Reception offers even more than fellowship and networking opportunities. It’s scheduled from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, in the Hyatt Centennial Ballroom – F, allowing you to eat some real food before all the desserts at the Opening Event. More importantly, at 7:15, the 2010 Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award for Public Service will be presented to this year’s recipient: David Selden, Law Librarian at the National Indian Law Library/Native American Rights Fund. I hope you can join us in congratulating David and thanking him for his years of service to others.

Robb Farmer, Chair RIPS -SIS

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