Sources of Inspiration

Editor’s Note: Due to a technological glitch, authorship of this post is attributed to Jason Sowards.  Meg Martin is the author of this post.


I have days when I feel a bit unfocused. So, I go looking for inspiration. I have only to look as far as my Google Reader account where I can peruse any number of musings from a variety of creative folks. Some of the bloggers I appreciate are:

  • Seth Godinhummm, need I say more? The mere mention of his name seems to evoke a response from folks I know. His blog is an interesting peek into his head. Each post seems like a sound bite to me – sound bites that I can riff on.
  • Dennis Kennedy – have you thought about estate planning for your digital assets? You know, all the digital products you have accumulated which are an important component of your financial and creative life. Many of his posts are not directly applicable to my position as a state law librarian but they keep me in the loop with what private (as opposed to court) attorneys may be thinking about.
  • Sara Remington – here, I get feelings. Her photos are so evocative and appealing. They remind me of why I love to cook, eat, and garden – especially with family and friends. They also encourage me to consider travel as more necessary and less frivolous. She doesn’t post often but I am happy to revisit the “older” images until new ones appear.
  • Heather B. Armstrong on dooce&reg makes me laugh, tweaks my preconceived notions, and reminds me how I’ve changed since I was a young mother. Her point of view wakes me up!

I find these blogs refreshing, creative, inspiring and best of all, easily accessible. Reading their stream of conscious ramblings encourages me to expand my self-imposed limits. What do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

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